August 11, 2017

                     Compton wants details on Health Accord funding for home care

Belfast -  Belfast-Murray River MLA and Opposition Seniors Critic Darlene Compton is calling on the MacLauchlan government to share details of how and when new federal health accord funding will be used to improve home care services for Islanders.

“Home care is an important health service for Islanders, especially with our high population of seniors. It helps people who are dealing with chronic illness be able to live independently longer. It also helps people recovering at home from medical treatments and those on waiting lists for placement in long-term care. The MacLauchlan government signed onto the Health Accord back in January but there are still no details about how these funds will be used to help Islanders,” says Compton.

In January the MacLauchlan government signed a Health Accord agreement with the federal government committing $24.6 million in new federal funding over the next ten years for improved and expanded home care services on Prince Edward Island. Over the last number of weeks Compton says she and other MLA’s have heard a growing chorus of concern from front line workers, first responders and others about how these funds will be used and looming changes to how home care services will be delivered. However, no details have been forthcoming from the MacLauchlan government.

“Home care is too important to be shrouded in secrecy. Front line workers and first responders deserve to know what’s being planned. Patients and taxpayers deserve to know if radical changes are being made to how home care is delivered. This shouldn’t be something cooked up in a back room and then forced on Islanders,” states Compton.

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