Fuel price hikes only benefit government: Fox


Borden-Carleton  –  The latest unscheduled fuel price increase by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission will only benefit the coffers of the MacLauchlan government, says Opposition Leader Jamie Fox. "Close to 16 per cent of Islanders are deemed low-income and many more struggle to get by. Higher fuel prices take more of their hard-earned money and give it to government in the form of more tax revenue. This tired Liberal government continues to have some of the highest fuel taxes in Canada," said Fox. The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission made an unscheduled fuel price adjustment overnight, increasing gasoline prices by 4.5 cents per litre and furnace oil prices by two cents a litre. Fox noted the contradiction of higher fuel prices hurting low-income and vulnerable Islanders while government takes in more and more tax revenue, with many Islanders in rural communities lacking access to public transit alternatives. "An $80 fillup includes $26 of taxes and that's before a carbon tax is imposed on all Islanders. People just can't afford this tired Liberal government constantly stuffing their pockets with our wallets," said Fox. Fox repeated his suggestion that the province should look at moving to a weekly regional model for fuel price adjustments to reduce volatility for consumers and businesses.

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