Islanders deserve a better explanation of fuel price increases: Fox

Borden-Carleton  –  Island consumers and businesses deserve a better explanation from IRAC over the latest fuel price increases, says Opposition Leader Jamie Fox.

“Island consumers and businesses are getting their pockets picked again with another increase in gas and diesel, the second time in over a week. For IRAC to say it’s because of non-existing production delays in Louisiana just doesn’t hold water,” says Fox.

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission has cited production delays from flooding in Louisiana for its two most recent price hikes budzt numerous media reports and government statements from the United States challenge that assertion.

“We know that Islanders have the lowest weekly wages in Canada and pay some of the highest taxes. With the MacLauchlan Liberals raising the HST this month and a possible carbon tax on the horizon fuel prices for Islanders are going to climb even higher,” said Fox.  

Fox would like to see IRAC come before a legislative committee to justify these price hikes to Islanders.

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