Jennifer Dunn Speech

 My name is Jennifer Dunn.  I grew up in Sherwood, and I live in Stratford, in District 6. I stand before you today to second the nomination and endorse the candidacy of Rob Lantz as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island, and your next Premier.

My friends.  The time has come.  It’s time for change.  A fresh start.  A new direction.

I believe that Rob Lantz is the person who can – who will - lead us in that direction.  In the right direction.
We live in challenging times.  Our small communities are under siege.  Our economy is stagnant.  Our population is aging.  Our students are falling behind.  Our best and brightest are leaving their families to work out west.  We are failing to address mental health and addictions problems.

We can’t continue down this road.

But my friends, Islanders are resilient.  We are strong.  We’ve faced challenges before.  We’ve overcome them.  And we will again.  

But it will take all of us united, working together.

And above all, it will take leadership.

Leadership means listening to people.

Leadership means building bridges.

Leadership means finding common ground.

Leadership means setting priorities.

Leadership means fairness, compassion and respect.

Leadership means uniting, not dividing.

Leadership isn’t about false optimism and empty promises.  It’s about working with others to find the answers.

We cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together

I know Rob Lantz.  I believe in Rob Lantz.  Rob Lantz has the qualities this Island needs.  
Rob Lantz believes that our youth are our most valuable asset.  Giving our children the best education and training must be priority one.  They can no longer afford to be in last place.

Rob Lantz believes that communities matter.  That our children will receive a better education if they are educated close to home.  That nobody should have to drive four hours for dialysis. 

Rob Lantz knows that our primary industries are the backbone of our society.  He understands that we need sensible policies in agriculture and fisheries.  He believes that there is more to tourism strategy than “let’s have a party”.

Rob Lantz believes that our economy needs to be grounded in smart thinking, new ideas, and entrepreneurship.

Rob Lantz believes that we need to stop chasing rainbows.  Stop gambling away our resources.  Stop mortgaging our children’s future.

Rob Lantz believes that Government must know when to lend a hand.  And when to get out of the way.

Rob Lantz is proven to be a problem solver.  A consensus-builder.  A uniter.  Rob Lantz has street smarts and common sense.  Rob Lantz doesn’t think he has all the answers.  But he has the courage to ask the questions.  The courage to pursue new ideas.

Rob Lantz believes that there will be better days ahead.  There must be.

Rob Lantz is a leader.

Ladies and gentlemen.  Friends.  Join with me.  Let’s move forward in a new direction.  Rob Lantz will lead us there.

Thank you.


Jennifer Dunn


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