Lantz announces Open Island reforms

Progressive Conservative Party Leader Rob Lantz and his team of candidates are putting forward reforms to make Prince Edward Island a more ‘Open Island’ for transparency, technology and citizen engagement.

Lantz and his team of candidates announced details of the party’s Open Island reforms at a press conference today held at the Holland College Centre of Applied Sciences and Technology in Charlottetown on April 6.

An Open Island is a new direction for governing based on transparency, engagement, and collaboration between citizens and government. An Open Island will bring greater government transparency and accountability by using technology to enrich citizen engagement, inspire innovation and drive economic growth by promoting open government, open Information, and open data principles. 


 “Having an open government is more accountable, efficient and effective than what Islanders presently have. Using technology better we can make Prince Edward Island an open island for information. A new direction that engages Islanders, inspires innovation, and drives jobs and growth.”
- Progressive Conservative Leader Rob Lantz. 


Leading by example: A Rob Lantz PC government will join other Canadian governments by publicly adopting an Open Government Declaration (ODP), committing the government to clear steps to increase government openness with transparent, independent oversight.

Premier’s Open Government Roundtable: A Rob Lantz PC government will strike a Premier’s Open Government Roundtable, chaired by the Premier, that will bring citizens, business and government together to develop an action plan on immediate, medium term and long term steps to implement.  

Listening to citizens: Public consultations will be used more and used more effectively to give Islanders a voice into the decisions affecting them.

Engaging Online: More online tools will be used to engage the public in a two way conversation such as digital town halls on online chat forums. 

Legislative Committee Reforms: A Rob Lantz PC government will reform Legislative Committees to allow representatives of political parties to sit as non-voting members if their parties reaches certain levels of public support. A Rob Lantz PC government will empower Legislative Committees by tasking them with a more robust role, including development of legislation and public engagement.

District Economic Plans: Under a Rob Lantz PC government all 27 MLA’s, regardless of party they represent, will be tasked with developing an Economic Plan for their district within the first 100 days of being elected. MLA’s will be expected to engage their constituents to identify opportunities for economic and community growth.

Government loans, grants and writeoffs: A Rob Lantz PC government will publicly disclose all government loans, grants and writeoffs made with public dollars.

Government contracts: A Rob Lantz PC government will publish online all contracts over $1,000.

Government research: Research and background documents will be digitally available so that the public can view the same information being used by government to address issues and make decisions. 

Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner: A Rob Lantz PC government will reduce future backlogs by making public information more publicly available. It will increase resources to clear the current backlog. A Rob Lantz PC government will expand the law to include municipalities and post-secondary institutions. The practice of political interference in FOIPP requests by the Premier’s Office will be ended.

Public Accounts: A Rob Lantz PC government will make sure that the province’s audited financial statements are published in a timeframe consistent with national standards.

Open Data by Default: A Rob Lantz PC government will make public data sets publicly available and searchable online for citizens to access and reuse.   

Unleashing innovation: A Rob Lantz PC government will encourage private sector innovation by making available data sets that can be used for commercial benefit, creating jobs and growth in the technology sector.

Better service: A Rob Lantz PC government will make data available online and engage the public to design more customer focused pathways for the use of government services, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.

More services online: A Rob Lantz PC government will work to increase the number of services and transactions that can be done online by the public.

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