Lantz announces responsible fiscal management measures

Progressive Conservative Party Leader Rob Lantz has announced measures to strengthen responsible fiscal management for the provincial government. Lantz announced the measures at a news conference in Kensington with District 20, Kensington-Malpeque candidate Matthew MacKay and other area candidates. Lantz noted the growing provincial debt, which after years of deficit budgets now includes total liabilities owing of more than $3.3 billion. More than $1 billion of that debt has been added by the current government. 

“We must put our fiscal house in order, setting priorities in a fair and balanced way that respect taxpayers.We will move in a new direction, away from the brink of bankruptcy and towards balance," Lantz said.

Lantz outlined measures intended to begin to tackle this ongoing challenge in a fair and balanced way. The measures include a value for money audit of all provincial government crown corporations and agencies; engaging front line public servants for their input on how to improve service delivery and maximize efficiencies; MLA pension and severance reform; reducing the size of the executive branch and related political staff; elimination of taxpayer-funded vehicles and credit cards for the Premier and Cabinet Ministers; and an MLA pay freeze until the budget is balanced. 

Lantz also committed to his new government balancing the budget in 24 months of taking office. 


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