Lantz gets the nod to run for the PC Party in District 13

(The Guardian) During the PC party's nominating convention, Rob Lantz, promised the crowd of more than 200 people that he will put a moratorium on school closures in the province in any government he leads.

Lantz was officially nominated for District 13, Charlottetown-Brighton, last night as the seat will be vacant in February when Robert Ghiz’s resignation takes effect.

Lantz has already pledged to get rid of credit cards and cars for government ministers and senior staffers.

Lantzs said schools are the heartbeat of many communities whether large or small.

“You close the schools and the families will follow as sure as night follows day. When families leave, the businesses follow. And with them, the jobs.”

It’s a process that hollows out the community, said Lantz, who is also seeking the leadership of the P.E.I. PC party.

“I look right here in the very heart of this district at West Kent Elementary School. Fifteen years ago that school was on the chopping block. Closing West Kent would have been a tremendous blow to the entire neighbourhood and this whole community.”

Lantz plans to breathe new life and innovation into the small communities on P.E.I., and used the example of Georgetown which, despite challenges in recent years, has a positive attitude and are charting a new direction for themselves.

“We will work with the community to revitalize the town.”

Lantz feels education is in a crisis on P.E.I.

“It is my goal to create an unrivalled education system that helps Island students be the best.”

In order to do that Lantz feels the focus should be on teaching in schools, not closing them down. 

Doug Burton, who is on Lantz’s campaign team, has been friends with Lantz since he was 11-years-old and is excited that his long-time friend is running for the PC leadership.

“I don’t have a political bone in my body. I have never joined any party. I have never done anything like this but when he said he was running, I signed on.”

Burton said that amongst his friends, Lantz was the go to guy when it came to political opinions.

It was a no brainer to support Lantz, he said.

“I really think if you had a guy like that in office you would see some changes for the better around here.”

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