Legislature needs to be recalled to deal with eGaming scandal


Charlottetown  – Opposition Leader Jamie Fox and the Opposition Progressive Conservative Caucus today held a news conference to call for the Legislature to be brought back early to deal with the Auditor General's Report into the eGaming scandal.

Fox has written Speaker Buck Watts to officially request that the Legislature be immediately recalled to address the issues contained in the Auditor General’s Report.

"The revelations found in the AG Report on eGaming raise serious questions about how this government does business. Islanders are outraged by this waste and abuse that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Twice last week we called for a Public Inquiry to get to the bottom of this mess and the Premier couldn’t even be bothered to dignify our call with a response. That shows how out of touch this government is,," said Opposition Leader Jamie Fox. 

The release of the Auditor General’s Report into the eGaming scandal was a scathing indictment of the government’s fiscal and ethical incompetence. The Auditor General’s Report clearly shows a litany of abuses and gross negligence with the use of millions of tax dollars as it pursued its secretive eGaming scheme. Chief among those financial and ethical abuses were:     

* Secret loans involving millions of tax dollars that were hidden from public oversight;

* Conflicts of Interest involving multiple senior government executives and Premier’s Office staff;

* Unlawful destruction of files, documents and communications

* A lack of cooperation with the Auditor General’s Office by several government departments during the audit, including departments led by Premier MacLauchlan 

The Auditor General’s Report also detailed a lack of cooperation from government and its partners in the secret deal to fully cooperate with the Auditor General’s Audit in her investigation. 

“Islanders are demanding answers about what was done with their money. If Premier MacLauchlan really cares about being open and accountable he should have no issue being accountable for what has taken place," says Fox.


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