Mixed messages on education reform confusing Islanders: Myers

GEORGETOWN  -  Mixed messages from the MacLauchlan government on education reform are confusing Islanders, says Georgetown-St. Peters MLA and Opposition Education Critic Steven Myers.

Under questioning from Opposition members at a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Education and Economic Development it was learned that the meetings of the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils would be closed to the public. This and other developments contradict previous public commitments from the government that the process would be led from the ground up rather than the top down.

“It’s an awfully poor way for this Premier to show engagement if you’re already excluding people from the conversation before it even starts. It makes you wonder how committed we really are to pursuing excellence in learning.”

Myers also highlighted a further contradiction in government’s approach to the public engagement of the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils in that although the Minister has declared that these meetings won’t be open to the public yet a government-run Twitter account, @EducationPEI, live tweeted recent meetings of the Souris-Morell and Colonel Gray Family of Schools District Advisory Councils.

“There’s a lot of mixed messages being sent here. On the one hand the meetings are closed to the general public but the government is live tweeting the meetings. Is this about fostering public engagement or is the Premier just trying to control the message?” Myers mused.

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