Opposition calls for greater transparency on loan

CHARLOTTETOWN – The Official Opposition is calling for greater transparency from the MacLauchlan government on disclosure of loan write offs and cancellations.

“Transparency on loan writeoffs was something our party campaigned for and a subject that the Auditor General dedicated a whole chapter this year’s report to,” said Kensington-Malpeque MLA and Opposition Economic Development critic Matthew MacKay. “There are a lot of gaps in transparency in the government’s bill that need to be addressed for taxpayers.”

MacKay noted that there is no retroactivity in the proposed legislative amendments to disclosure of loan write offs for the ten year period from 2005 to 2015, the period flagged by the Auditor General in her 2015 Report.“For a government that preaches transparency the actual details ring a bit hollow. Telling taxpayers to pay to file freedom of information requests to find out how their tax dollars were written off doesn’t seem very transparent,” said MacKay.              

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