Opposition seeks clarity on gaming losses

CHARLOTTETOWN – The Official Opposition is seeking clarity from the MacLauchlan government about losses to provincial taxpayers around gaming projects such as GeoSweep and eGaming.

“Islanders have a lot of questions around what was done in their name in secret on the eGaming project. I was disappointed to see that the Premier and his ministers weren’t forthcoming at all with any answers. It certainly flies in the face of the Premier’s stated commitment to being open and transparent,” said Opposition Leader Jamie Fox.

Opposition Leader Fox and Kensington-Malpeque MLA Matthew MacKay questioned multiple Ministers, including the Premier, who refused to divulge any details around the government’s actions before, during or after a $25 million lawsuit was filed against the province over its involvement in the failed eGaming project. Belfast-Murray River MLA Darlene Compton also raised questions around upwards of $12 million being clawed back from the province’s share of profits from Atlantic Lotto through 2019.

“What’s confusing to a lot of Islanders is the secrecy and contradictions around this project. One Minister telling Islanders that there was no taxpayer money in the project and another saying close to a million dollars was in play. We feel Islanders deserve to know what was done with their money,” said Kensington-Malpeque MLA and Opposition Economic Development and Tourism Critic Matthew MacKay.          

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