Premier’s travel adding up along with job losses at home: Fox

BORDEN-CARLETON  -  Premier Wade MacLauchlan’s 40 days of out of province travel is adding up while job losses here at home are on the rise, says Opposition Leader Jamie Fox.

“Filling up the Premier’s passport while Islanders struggle to fill their oil tanks shows a leadership style that’s out of touch when our economy is bleeding full time jobs. Especially when these trips don’t seem to be leading to job growth locally and Islanders are looking at increases to power rates and the HST,” said Fox.

Provincial government records online show that Premier MacLauchlan has been out of the province for 40 days since last May’s election to Paris, London, India and points between at a cost to Island taxpayers of over $10,000. Meanwhile, data from Statistics Canada shows that the Island economy has shed over 1600 full-time jobs in the last year.

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