eGaming hot topic on first day of the Legislature


Charlottetown  – The eGaming scandal was front and centre on the first day of the Legislature as Opposition PC MLA’s peppered Premier MacLauchlan with questions about how his government is attempting to limit transparency and accountability on the growing eGaming scandal that has cost Island taxpayers nearly $2 million to date.

“The MacLauchlan government has tried to limit transparency and accountability on their eGaming scandal since day one. Documents were withheld from the Auditor General’s review, emails and other communications were improperly destroyed. What information was so important that this government has gone to such lengths to hide it from the public?” says Opposition Leader Jamie Fox. 

Opposition PC MLA’s Jamie Fox, James Aylward and Brad Trivers grilled Premier MacLauchlan on the destruction of emails and texts related to the eGaming scandal, the withholding of documents from the Auditor General, and limited audit scope imposed on the Auditor General by the MacLauchlan government.

The Opposition PC Caucus today also introduced a Motion of Censure in the provincial Legislature. The motion of censure, believed to be a first in the history of the Prince Edward Island Legislature, calls on the Legislative Assembly to condemn the actions and conduct of both current and former MLA’s involved in the eGaming scandal in the strongest possible terms. The motion also proposes that a special legislative committee be struck to consider what further penalties, financial or otherwise, may be appropriate for current and former MLA’s involved in the eGaming scandal who misled the Legislature and the public about the failed project, among other violations of their duty as legislators. A total of seven current Liberal MLA’s, including Premier MacLauchlan himself, sat in Cabinet or on Cabinet committees like Treasury Board as the eGaming scandal unfolded.

“During the Auditor General’s review, later at Public Accounts Committee and now on the floor of the Legislature Premier MacLauchlan continues to place roadblocks on access to information about what happened. Islanders are getting fed up and they want someone held accountable for their actions. Stonewalling isn’t how Islanders do business,” says Fox.

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